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    We are pleased to announce that Cleaver & Co. is now taking pre-orders for heritage turkeys raised by Frank Reese in Kansas.  We are still working with farmers to raise turkeys in Louisiana or Mississippi, but it seems the climate here just isn't optimal for turkey production.  Hopefully next year we will be able to offer more locally grown turkeys, but we also think Frank raises his turkeys with the highest standards and the turkeys reflect that.  All of his heritage breed turkeys are allowed to "Roost, Fly, Flirt, and Roam" outdoors and are not treated with sub-therapeutic antibiotics.  Not only are these birds raised to better standards, but the proof is in the eating.  

    These turkeys have not been breed like your supermarket-standard Broad Breasted White to grow quickly and proficiently, which means they take much longer to grow and develop a depth of flavor you cannot get from a frozen "bowling ball" grown on a factory farm.  The heritage breeds this year include: Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red, White Holland, Black, Narragansett, and Royal Palm.  While you will not be able to specify which breed you get, we will give earlier pickups the option to select from the birds we receive.  Pick up can be scheduled any day between 11/20 and 11/26 during normal business hours (we'll even be open Tuesday that week!).  Turkeys will arrive fresh (never frozen), so they can go straight into the brine or oven, depending on your persuasion.

    We recommend you order approximately 1 lb. per person.  Turkeys will be flat priced per weight range so you can know up front how much you are spending (and it will simplify our side when you pick them up).

    Unfortunately, we can no longer accept pre-orders for these heritage turkeys, but we will be selling any extra turkeys we receive on a first come, first served basis.